Sunday, August 8, 2010

One step forward, two steps back

A pair of finished socks!!  Woohooo!

Pattern:  Progressive Sock Party (Ravelry pattern) by Chrissy Gardiner
Project page:  Seasonal Sock Party
Yarn:  Knit Picks Palette
Needles:  2.25mm and 2.5mm
CO: July 1; BO: Aug. 4

These were impulsively cast on last month for the Sock Knitters Anonymous July KAL.  This is the group's colorwork mystery sock, so I received one clue per week.  I truly enjoyed knitting them from start to finish.  They are completely not my style--much busier than I like and I would never look twice at a pattern with such distinct color blocks (nor would I have chosen this color combo had I known how the colors were going to work), but I love them just the same. 

 Throughout July these socks turned out to be great stress relief and frequently my entertainment when I couldn't sleep.  They will be super warm in winter, and I'm really impressed that they feel soft since I didn't expect that with the Palette yarn. I enjoyed knitting these so much, I might have just turned into a colorwork junkie, and I'm already plotting my next fair isle sock.  Only one problem:  I, uh, already started a new sock. Oops.

About those August WIP sock goals...I may have taken one step forward with the finished socks, but I think with the new cast on, I actually went backward.  August is going to be a ridiculously busy month for me so I decided to take knitting goal pressure off the table.  I'm just enjoying knitting whatever I feel like.  I'll refocus in September.  Really, I will.  Seriously.


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