Friday, December 7, 2012

Finished Object Friday: Smittens!

That list of WIPs I wanted to finish before the end of 2012?  I should really stop pretending.  I’m considering abandoning the idea that I will ever finish any knitting project again.  Ever.  That is, any project that is not a smitten.  I’m having no problem finishing smittens

The pattern is aptly titled—I am completely smitten with the smittens.  My WIPs?  Haven’t touched them.  Holiday gift knitting?  Not happening.  It’s all about the smittens.  It all started earlier this week when I stumbled across pictures of handspun smittens on Ravelry.  I imagined a garland of adorable mini-mittens hung up on my fireplace mantle, rejoiced at the idea of using handspun leftovers and single skeins, and it was all over.  I started knitting a smitten Tuesday night and haven’t stopped since. 

3 days, 6 mittens (I finished another after taking the above picture).  I originally figured I would knit 2 per month so as to have 24 by the 2013 holiday season.  It looks like that might have been too modest of a plan.  At this rate, I could have 24 finished by the end of next weekend and have a garland in time for this holiday season.  Too bad my fireplace is in pieces, and I don’t actually have a mantle at the moment. Mike has agreed that if the fireplace isn't fixed by next year, I get to strangle him with the smitten garland.   

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