Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Skid

I'm still inching along on Vivian, but somehow I doubt anyone wants to see a picture of the almost-finished second sleeve that looks pretty much just like the first one or read my whining about endless seed stitch.

Instead, I have a new half-knit hat for today.

I planned this hat for Mike back when I thought I would have plenty of yarn for Low-Tide Ripples.  I chucked the idea when I saw there wouldn't be much leftover, but once I had to order an extra skein, well, why not two? So Composition Book Gray arrived on my door with a bright yellow companion--Butter.  The color combo idea came from Mike admiring the Chadwick sample (I covet this too and am still a bit obsessed with duplicating it).  MadTosh Butter is really bright though.  Even brighter than expected.  Almost highlighter yellow bright.  Mike seemed okay with it though so once I finished Low-Tide, I threw more money at Stephen West and started Skid.

I might be developing a Stephen West problem.  This is the third hat pattern of his I've knit, and while I was about to say I've been able to withstand the lure of his shawls, I just remembered Clockwork and Flamboyan were his too.  Plus the plans for Chadwick that have been in the works for awhile.  And when I went to his Rav patterns page to grab the Skid link, I discovered Gullfoss.  A vest?  A poncho?  A scarf?  All in one?  I'm intrigued.  Throws Skid aside to start pondering stash....

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  1. I hate that my Must Knit ALL The Things NOW moves so much faster than my needles. That said, your Skid is looking awesome. It's all downhill from here!

  2. Stephen West is certainly a clever man. The stuff he designs are stunningly simple and you find yourself thinking "I could have worked that out - no problem" and then your remember that you have THINK of the things he does first, and no one else seems to think the way he does.

    The hat is looking great.

  3. Don't fight it. Stephen West is brilliant. It's no wonder you keep finding yourself drawn to his patterns. :-D

  4. Your hat is lovely! I love the colors.

  5. I'm in love with that grey..that hat pattern looks great!

  6. lovely. I find that once I find a designer I like I also go on a bit of a making frenzy. Umaro is a stephen west yeah? I have that in the pipeline somewhere.