Friday, May 4, 2012

The Perfect Storm

What happens if you're a knitter/spinner and your husband goes out of town the same weekend as the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival?  I can't say for certain, although I assume no good can come of it for my bank account or closet space.  Full report after tomorrow!

Meanwhile, I started the fiber-y goodness celebration a bit early by taking the day off work today to take a spinning class at Dragonfly Fibers: "Playing with Color in Spinning with Lauren Haiken".  The fruits of my labor:

I can't wait to put some of what I learned to use on a few (or 20) of the handpainted braids I have stashed away.  I think I'd break into a new one tonight, but I need to keep the bobbins clear for another spinning class on Sunday.  Two spinning classes in three days time combined with shopping at the festival and no one at home to witness my purchases?  Could be very dangerous.  I just hope I don't come home with a sheep.


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