Friday, July 13, 2012

FO Friday: Jordan

Well it took me long enough to finally get around to seaming the sleeves onto the body (possibly as long as it took me to knit the entire top), but Jordan has finally made it to FO Friday!

Pattern:  Jordan by Wendy Bernard
Yarn: M&K Linen (aka, impulse buy at LYS), about 615 yards
Needles: 5 US 
CO: April 2012
Finished: July 2012

I’m thrilled with how the top came out.  It is yet another project that I was too lazy to swatch for and decided to wing it and see what happened.  So far this method has been working out rather well for me. The length is perfect, the fit is perfect, and I’m sure this top is going to get a ton of wear.  I knit the pattern with no modifications, with the possible exception of adding an inch or so to the body.  The pattern is clear, the lace patterns are easy to memorize, and the knitting really did go fast when I devoted more than 5 minutes to it.

There is really nothing else to say about it, which admittedly makes this a pretty boring blog post.  I’ll try to have some disaster next time so I’ll have more to share. 

Happy Friday all!  Visit Tami’s for more FO Friday! 


  1. not boring in the slightest, amazing FO, i can see why you're pleased. love that v at the back!

  2. Oh wow - I am totally loving this!

  3. Oh, wow! *coverts*

    That is simply GORGEOUS! The fit, the colours, the pattern! I literally exclaimed "WOW!" out loud when I saw the first photo.

    Well done! You look beautiful.

  4. So beautiful! Don't tell Wendy Bernard I said so but (I think yours is prettier than the pattern picture)