Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Work-in-Progress Wednesday: Starling Citron

This post should also be titled "duh", because really, there was pretty much no chance I would be working on any other project.

Citron is moving along quite nicely.

I'm completely enamored with this project.  I haven't knit a stitch on anything else since I started it.  It requires almost no thought, and I'm getting huge kick out of knitting with the handspun. This might be the closest to knitting monogamy I've been since....well....ever. If I were sticking to the pattern size, I would only be about 10 rows away from the ruffled edge--not bad for only casting on Friday night. 

Since I want to make the shawl larger, I'm still far from the finish line though.  I've never been a fan of projects with super long rows (pretty much the only reason I've been able to withstand the Color Affection craze), and I realized pretty quickly that the rows for this are going to get insanely long.  For the runched sections, you basically  double the amount of stitches, knit 5-6 rows, and then decrease back down.  My current row has 444 stitches, which is tolerable but approaching my patience limit.  As written, the ruffled edge has 540 stitches, but since I'm going to add a few extra sections, I'm thinking that by the time I get the ruffle, my rows will have 700-800 stitches. 

I really wish I hadn't just worked that out.

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  1. Yikes! The stitch count does sound terrifying, but the colors are so stunning. This will be really beautiful!

  2. I hate the last few rows of top-down shawls. You look at the pattern and think "awesome, only 5 rows left" then you remember that that means 6 to 7 more hours of knitting... Good luck!

  3. Wow! It looks amazing! I always find it amusing to see how people take patterns and make them their own. This looks so much better than the original :)

  4. looking gorgeous. the worst thing about shawls is that you make such great progress at the start, and then it slows down painfully when the rows get so long! well, i get depressed anyway!