Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Next WIP

In contrast to my swatch-free spring projects, I swatched for 2 projects in the last 2 days.

Yes, the darker pink swatch is sort of pathetically small, but I was really convinced I was going to end up starting the light pink shrug.  The first swatch raised a bunch of doubts so I hurriedly swatched for Laika this afternoon since I seem to be under the impression that I cannot leave town without a new knitting project.  It always cracks me up that my knitting bag usually gets more attention than the rest of my packing.

I knit just enough for Laika to see that gauge appears to be okay.  Pattern is printed and yarn and needles are packed away, ready to cast on as we drive out of town Wednesday morning.  Today has been too crazy to actually start the sweater.   I'll be spending about 20 hours in the car over the next week, so maybe I'll have a legit WIPW post with actual progress for next week. 

And sadly, since today was so hectic, Citron remains without photos, so no FO Friday post this week.  It was a tough call between actually packing or spending time photographing and writing about a shawl.  The shawl is pretty cool, but having enough clothes and food for the week won out.  Go figure.


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