Monday, June 25, 2012

The Power of a List

Saturday morning I was dangerously close to spending the weekend as a zombie in front of the computer and television.  Finally having a free weekend was awesome, but it also illustrates why I need to keep signing up for races--the fear of needing to prepare for an event is one of the few things that will shake me out of my characteristic laziness.  Well that and apparently posting a to do list on the Internet.  The house is cleaner, laundry is caught up, dogs got a 3 mile walk on Saturday, and I willed myself to get on my bike for an easy 20 miles yesterday instead of taking the nap I was pondering.

I have 2 more ounces of fiber spun up, leaving only 2 more before I can ply and finish this spinning project.

And Jordan was soaked, pinned out, and is currently drying on the guest bedroom floor.

The only bummer about all this progress?  It all felt like work.  Okay, cleaning is supposed to feel like work, but even the spinning sort of sucked.  I sat down at my spinning wheel last night only because I needed to cross it off the list, not because I felt like spinning.  I'm clearly still working out that balance of how to make steady progress on my craft projects without turning it into a job.  Still, progress is progress, and I'll be happy if I'm wearing a new top by Friday and knitting with newly finished handspun.