Friday, June 8, 2012


The knitting on Jordan has been finished for weeks now, yet finished-object Friday is still a fail for me this week. 

So close!

All I have to do is re-block the sleeves (uh, see how the one on the right looks a little longer?  yeah, it looks that way when I tried it on too) and seam, but I have not been able to think about anything other than the race I have coming up on Sunday.

So instead of finished knitting, today I present "10 signs the running/tri thing is taking over my life":

1. Until last month, the only new shoes I purchased in the last year and a half were 2 pairs of running shoes and flip-flops for the pool.

2. The last time I used my hair dryer it was to dry the sports tape on my feet and not my hair.

3. Although almost every pair of shorts I own are falling apart with holes, I cannot seem to find time to go shopping for new clothes, but I did manage to get to the store to buy new bike tires and running socks.

4. The refrigerator always seems to be empty, but the basket of protein bars and sports nutrition is always full.

5. I have been known to set my alarm on the weekends to get out for a long workout earlier than I do to get up for work during the week (this is a big one for me--I am NOT a morning person).

6. I sometimes look forward to Mondays more than the weekends.  Monday is a “rest day”.  Last Saturday my bike/run workout was over 4 hours.  Followed by 2 more hours of running on Sunday.

7. I was just as excited about the package that arrived this week that contained compression socks as I was about the one with fiber (at least I said "just" as excited, not "more".  I haven't gone completely crazy yet).

8.  The only knitting I did this week was when I was icing my feet.

9.  I spend as much time reading running blogs as knitting ones.

10. I've spent more $$ on race fees this year than on yarn. 

All of this due to my recent marathon and because on Sunday morning, I will attempt my first half iron-distance triathlon.  If the forecast holds, I will be trying to cover 70.3 miles (1.2 swim, 56 bike, 13.1 run) in 90+ degrees on a course with no shade. These conditions are exactly the same as last year when I watched Mike cross the finish line with muscle spasms and almost collapsing from heat exhaustion. Yet I still thought it was a good idea to give it a go this year myself. Clearly a brilliant decision. With those conditions and foot injuries that have thrown a big wrench in my training, I don't have high expectations.  I think the day will be successful if I avoid being carted off the course in an ambulance. 

Setting the bar high there, Heather. 


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