Friday, June 1, 2012

Finished Object Friday: Diagonal Top

Yes, I crapped out on this week's work-in-progress Wednesday.  Sheesh, it only took until week 3 for me to get behind.  I thought I'd last at least a month.  To make up for missing WIPW, I'm giving the whole "finished object Friday" thing a shot.

I'm ridiculously excited about this finished project. Like crazy giddy excited.  So excited I couldn't even wait around to get decent pictures but instead set the timer in the backyard.

At least that's my excuse for washed out colors and why I look like death in the picture.  Mom, I swear I had makeup on.  But let's forget about my zombie complexion and instead remember:  CUTE WEARABLE TOP FROM HANDSPUN!!  Totally worthy of shouting.  I mean the top started as this:

Another crap picture--sorry, but my camera hates purple.
And that's sparkle, not dog fur.  At least most of it.

And today that bag of fluff is a wearable garment.

Cuter from the back

Given my history of disappointing handspun projects and the long list of doubts I had about this top, I'm pretty stoked it didn't end up a total disaster.

Pattern:  Diagonal Pattern Top
Fiber:  Bullseye bump from Loop in Kaleidoscope Eyes spun into a single-ply fingering-sportish weight yarn. This fiber was created for a spin-along on Ravelry.  I didn't have much interest in these Loop bumps before the SAL, but it was so much fun to spin, I'm totally hooked now.  A couple more are already stashed from MD Sheep and Wool.
Mods: Well, except for using a completely different yarn weight and fiber type, not much.  Since my yarn was thinner than the pattern yarn, I held black elastic thread together with the yarn for the bottom ribbing, and I did 1x1 twisted rib instead of the regular ribbing in the pattern.  I was afraid that it would sort of just hang without the added stability, and since the top has no shaping, I at least wanted the bottom to be fitted. I feel like I should have more to say, but really, that's it.  The pattern is easy-peasy so long as you're okay with "yo, k2tog" around and around and around for eternity.  And while this may seem obvious to everyone else, I had to screw up a couple of rows before I realized, "k2tog, yo" is NOT the same thing.

This top was definitely a gamble.  I did everything I could to thwart success:  totally different yarn substitution, no swatch, risky stripey colors, and yet the knitting fates smiled at me and granted me a top I'm pleased with.  Of course, this just means that the next sweater I diligently plan out and swatch is going to be too small on me or something.  I can already feel a bit of the knitting karma balance coming back to bite me since seaming up the Jordan top could definitely be going better.

Visit Tami's for more finished object Friday posts.  If I manage to wrangle Jordan into shape, I might even be back next Friday.


  1. I love the colors on the sweater. It's stunning!

  2. That top looks so cool and comfortable. Fab work

  3. Oh wow.... *coverts* Love the colours, love the fit.... just love!

  4. The colors are awesome love how they stripe together like that. What a great accomplishment to create something so beautiful from the beginning fiber picture.

  5. i totally love this, no wonder you are so pleased! well done!!

  6. This turned out wonderfully! Unique and flattering too...