Sunday, July 4, 2010

And so it begins...

A while ago, an online friend asked me why I didn’t have a blog. I thought the question was rather amusing at the time, but looking back at that brief conversation now, I realize I’ve been thinking about it ever since. For me, however, it's easy to brainstorm blog posts in my head, but the idea of posting them publicly is somewhat terrifying. I'm shy--sometimes painfully so--and can be extremely self-conscious. What if I said something stupid? What if I embarrassed myself? Determination to try to face these fears actually became the push behind starting a blog. Well that and I recently got a new computer, which contained a folder for blog posts already created. So if the universe (or, you know, the programmer at Dell) is going to make it THAT easy for me, then I'll take the bait.

This blog is primarily a knitting blog. I started knitting in 2006 when a co-worker put needles in my hands and taught me to knit a scarf. To say I took to knitting would be the understatement of the century. I’m not sure I’ve put needles down since, and if I have, I was forced, did so grudgingly, and have since blocked out the experience. Like most obsessive knitters, I adore yarn--lust after it, daydream about it. I have an uncanny talent, however, for tangling my yarn, and I've spent many hours untangling skeins--hence the blog title.

A few other tidbits about me: I share my days with my smoldering, handsome, and mysterious husband and two wonderfully sweet and goofy Welsh Springer Spaniels. I teach dog agility training at a local club, compete with my pups occasionally, bake homemade dog biscuits on order, and over the last year, have started down the road of triathlon training and racing. All of these adventures will undoubtedly appear in the blog, but knitting will always be at the center—-although I consider myself relatively well-rounded, yarn is never far away during all other pursuits.

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  1. AHHHH! I wanna pop your blog comment cherry!


    I, like you, am so damn shy. And I certainly don't like showing off. However, I use my blog as like this digital scrapbook. I love other people's digital scrapbooks and CERTAINLY look forward to reading yours!!!