Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Overdue Introductions

I really can’t believe I’ve gone this long without a post that revolves around my two beloved dogs, Rugby and Juno.  They are a huge part of our family and even some vacations are planned around doing activities with the pups.  This weekend, we headed up to Shenandoah National Park to go camping.  While  Rugby (8 yrs old) has camped with us several times, this would be the first camping/hiking trip for our little Juno (2 yrs).  The pups piled into the car Friday evening and off we went. 

Juno found the traffic a little tiresome.

We arrived just in time to set up our tent in the dark.  Rugby and Juno were not of much help.  The next morning, the pups explored the campsite.  Rugby was quite at ease.

But poor Juno still wasn’t sure where to put herself.  

We set off for our first hike, with Juno acting a little unsure of herself at first.  After a few climbs over some rocks and splashing around in the river, she decided this whole hiking thing was pretty cool.  Rugby and Juno trotted happily ahead of us for the rest of the hike, heading down to play in whatever water they could find, and usually cooling us off in the process when they would come out and shake it off.

After lunch, a nap, and another long walk, we all settled in at the campsite.  Rugby and Juno passed out after the long day, and me?  I knit. 

I love camping if for no other reason than in the evening when there is nothing to do but relax around a campfire, I can happily knit without feeling one shred of guilt that I should be doing something else.  On my lap is my current shawl project:  Wandering by the Moor (Ravelry pattern).  The yarn is Brooks Farm Duet which I got at the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival last year.  When I started this project I really underestimated how little I would want to work on a wool/mohair shawl in 90 degree heat, but it was perfect for the cool evening in the mountains.  It was a good weekend.



    At the rate you're going you're going to need a flickr pro account. :-)

  2. Cute pups! Thanks for the introduction.