Saturday, July 24, 2010


If you’re a sock knitter, you probably have a few extra special skeins of sock yarn (most likely something with "handpainted" on the label).  I have several skeins that I treasure either because they were a splurge or hard to get or just so beautiful that I almost rather admire than knit them. While I really don’t hesitate to wind and knit up my prized skeins, I do wait until I find that perfect pattern.  Well over a year ago, I ordered a skein of Sundara sock yarn, and when it came, I knew it had been a good decision—it was the most beautiful perfect blue. 

Sundara sock in Cobalt over Mediterranean (pictures are a terrible substitute for the real thing)

Not having a project in mind for the yarn, it was sadly stored away in a drawer.  I struggled for awhile trying to decide what to do with it.  There was only enough for a very small shawl, which I probably wouldn’t wear much.  I pondered fancy intricate sock patterns but really didn’t like the idea of hiding the brilliant color under jeans.  Enter Tempest.  Once I realized I only needed the one skein for the contrast color, I knew I had found the right project, and Tempest is now finished:

Pattern:  Tempest by Ann Weaver
Yarns:  Sundara Sock and Louet Fingering
Needles:  size 5 US
Cast on:  May 1, 2010
Finished: July 24, 2010 
I SO wish the brilliance of the blue came through in pictures.  It looks like pretty basic blue in this shot, but the color is anything but ordinary in person.

For a long time, I dismissed sweater patterns that called for fingering weight yarn, but this is the second one I’ve made and I’m hooked.  The weight of the fabric is just so darn comfortable.  Tempest actually knits up fairly quickly and the stripes keep it interesting (although I was somewhat bored to tears with the sleeves).  There is a fair amount of seaming and sewing, and while I actually like seaming, the finished product never seems to fit quite as well as sweaters that I knit in one piece.  My row gauge was also off, so I altered the pattern a bit and removed a couple of large stripes to try to get the length right.  Turns out I underestimated a bit on the armhole depth, but after blocking they are perfectly comfortable.  I also really should have added some additional bust shaping, but in the end it’s a pretty good thing I didn’t make this sweater any bigger—I have 5 grams of Sundara yarn left.  5 grams. That’s it.  Maybe 20 yards.  I was even a hint concerned I would run out before finishing the second sleeve.  

Going right down to the wire with the amount of yarn notwithstanding, I love that I was able to use this gorgeous yarn for a sweater that should get a lot of wear, and pairing it with black just makes the blue shine even more.  Now if only I could settle on patterns for the other 5 (10?) skeins of super special sock yarn that are hiding in the closet.

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  1. Blue is my favorite color, this is simply fabulous looking!