Friday, July 16, 2010


I just found out that around 5am this morning, a small (3.6) earthquake rocked Maryland!  Now normally at this crazy-early time I would be dead asleep and nothing short of the house falling down can usually wake me up, but this morning I was actually conscious and felt the house walls shaking and stuff around me rattled a bit.  Now, come on, earthquakes don't hit Maryland, and my best guess was that maybe a large plane had flown a little low overhead. I shrugged it off and didn't give it any more thought until I heard the earthquake report just now.  So, wow, I experienced my first earthquake a few hours ago!

Oh, and what was I doing awake at 5am?  Knitting, of course.  My insomnia became a lot less frustrating after I learned to knit.  At least now I get something done rather than stare at bad infomercials.  Mystery sock clue 3 came out yesterday (a day earlier than I thought), and I finished it up on the first sock right around the time the earthquake hit.

And yes, I feel pretty good about myself that I guessed this clue would have an autumn feel to it.  I love the little trees.  This sock is not my usual style and not something I would have ever picked out to knit, but I sure am enjoying it.

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  1. Yeah my dad said it was a function of the times that he was wondering if a plane was flying low enough to try to hit the capitol :-(

    you put your insomnia to great use, my friend!!