Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sock WIP Roundup

I’ve mentioned that I have a “few” socks in progress in the last couple of posts.  I thought it might be best to get them all out in the open, so recently I gathered up my unfinished socks.  I completely ripped 2, which brought the socks-in-progress number down to 5.  That wouldn’t seem so bad if they weren’t all unfinished first socks.  I blame pretty sweater and shawl patterns – that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

1. Progressive Sock Party (Ravelry Pattern)

Cast on:  July 2010.  I can’t go any further on the first sock until the 3rdclue is released on Friday.  I’m getting a “spring” (green section) and “summer” (blue section) vibe so I’m wondering if part 3 could be “fall”?  I did cast on and am working on the toe of the second. Goal:  Finish by the end of the month

2. Roger
 Cast on: July 2010.  I’ve used this heavenly yarn (Bugga! in Autumn Tiger Beetle) for a sweater and 2 shawls, but these are the first socks.  This sock is soft and squishy like no other I’ve ever made.  Mike is a lucky guy.  Goal:  Finish by the end of the month.


Here’s where we start to go downhill.  The next 3 are currently “hibernating”.  If I can resist new sock projects (we won’t discuss the unlikelihood of that), they will start to get proper attention once the previous 2 are finished.

3. Cauchy (pattern available in Sock Innovation)

Cast on: April 2010.  Last fall, Mike asked for brown socks.  I immediately started shopping for yarn, and settled on Dream in Color Smooshy in Tea Party and cast on.  I didn't like the first pattern I tried, so attempt 1 was quickly ripped.  This is brown sock, attempt 2. Goal:  Finish the first one in August, second by early December.

4. Tangled Woods (Ravelry pattern)

Cast on: March 2010.  I bought the pattern as part of a fundraiser (the designer was donating a portion of the pattern price to Haitian relief efforts).  I was really excited about the pattern and the yarn (3 Irish Girls McClellan in Erin).  That enthusiasm died unexpectedly, although it’s possible cables and lace combined with size 0 needles might have had something to do with it. Goal: end of the year?

5. Sock with No Name (aka The Neverending Story)

Cast on: April 2009.  Talk about being excited about a sock pattern.  I love the look of this pattern.  I love the beautiful purple yarn (Miss Babs Yummy Sock), which I think is a perfect match for the pattern – not too solid, not too variegated.  However, I really hate knitting this sock.  For whatever reason, the lace pattern and I do not get along.  In fact as I wrote this, I went and got the sock, surveyed where I was, and decided the sock is going to have a stockinette foot.  Finishing the first one is at least less daunting now. Goal:  Finish in my lifetime.  Okay, by April 2011.  

Somehow I feel better now that I've assessed the socks and set goals.  I'm going to go shove the last 3 back in the drawer now.

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